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Working with Clipsin

Benefits - OVERVIEW

What Clipsin can do to help you make signs that you clients want and help you offer solutions. Let's discuss a few of the benefits

1. Easy to fabricate if you choose to cut yourself you will bet amazed just how easy it is to work with. Any simple mitre saw which can cut aluminum will do the job easily. Just choose your length and cut the frame with both cap and base together, Four mitre cuts and the cuttings done. Next is a very minor filing job on two points of the cap. 1 on the inside of the cap where it touches the flexible sign face to prevent any wear points. And 2 on the back of the hinge you trim off the tips of the mitre cut to allow you some space along the back of the cap to make installing the cap easier. The only other job is sliding in the four corner stake into the assembly slot on the rear of the base and your frame is assembled. Let us do the work for you, we have an industry-trained fabricator and high quality saw and equipment and we are very happy to service you cut to size needs.


2. Easy to assemble to assemble your flexible sign face you only have to run a strip of double-sided tape around the inside to the base. This acts as a temporary holding method and allows you to pre-tension the face to the base. The last step is to place the cap into the hinge at the back of the base and "clip" it in to position. This action actually stretches the sign face material over our patented Clip and Hold device, while the front edge of the cap steps down lower than the bases rope slot and places additional tension to the face!

3. Simple to install When it come to making life easier Clipsin is on it's own. Right from the ease of shipping to the site by unscrewing 4 screws in the corner stakes and rolling the sign face with the "flat packed" kit. To the quick reassemble of the Clipsin to the site, where in around 20minutes your sign is ready to install. The base has a screw line inside to make life easier for your installer to line things up neatly, or be as quick as you like because the fixings are all hidden once the cap is "clipped" into place. Additional methods of fixing include fitting escutcheons to the rear of the base, these are ideal if you need to move the sign often to different locations. While we can also advise on some of our more innovative methods for those tricky jobs you may need some advice on…just give us a call and well see if we can help.
(USA & Canada)