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Sign Face and Installation guide

The solution - Clipsin

Flexible sign face framing systems

Large format, easy to install signs from 2.5mx1.5m (8’x5’) up to 6x3m (20’x10’)

Installing a sign face to a Clipsin sign frame

A step by step guide to installing your sign face or banner to a Clips-in frame.


Installing - Safety First

Staff experience
Ensure the suitability and experience of your staff and their training to fabricate and install our sign systems prior to using.

Safety of workplace
Ensure you have evaluated the equipment for safety guarding and your facilities are of a suitable type to work with our sections.

Personal protection equipment
Please provide all necessary personal protection equipment to your staff including ear protection and eye protection.


Remove double sided tape liner

Remove the liner from double sided tissue tape . We are assuming here that the recommended double sided tape has been placed on the rope slot on to the rear sloping section nearest to the back of the base.


Sign face positioning

Roll up the sign face leaving around 1000mm (3’4”) to position the alignment of the sign face to the frame. Align sign face with top edge and end of frame, ensure the the sign face will run along the frame square and true.


Adjusting and tensioning sign face

Press the sign face firmly onto the double sided tape. The sign face is now ready to apply tension. Starting in the middle of the bottom edge pull down not out over the tape. Only minor tension needs to be applied.


Pre tension sign face

Now working on the sides repeat the process.The aim is to finish with the sign face tight but not drum tight. The desired affect is a taught wrinkle free sign face. Remember the caps will apply an overall extra tension when in place.


Remove excess sign face

If you have allowed additional sign face, now trim the excess off to the outer edge of the frame. Place the knife into the alum section and slide knife along slot to provide a safe cut. This excess allows the sign face to be removed and reused at a latter date.


Installing the caps

The caps have been trimmed or filed at the extreme points of the mitre to allow a small amount of movement in the cap relative to the base. Align the corner while placing pressure on the cap.


Installing the cap technique

To quickly align the cap to the base try marking the back edge with a saw cut, scribed line or marker pen. This will assist on large frames as you can work from the middle of the frame out. Single installers with like this time saver!


Closing the cap

Using either hand pressure or a rubber mallet start at one end of the cap and move along to the middle, then to the other end of the frame.


Removing the cap

The Clips-in tool provide the sign user an effective method of removing the cap. The front edge of the “clip” hooks under the lip of the cap where it touches the sign face. The angled part of the handles groove “hooks” onto the rear of the base. The action is a steady pull away from the back of the frame. The tool applies horizontal pressure to the cap releasing the trigger.


Resistance in the cap

The closing off the cap must be a smooth unrestricted movement. If you encounter any resistance make sure the cap is located in the base to form a free moving hinge.


Face positioning tips

In addition to double sided tape we suggest various proven methods to make your face install easy.Plastic clips and mini caps are detailed next.


Face positioning plastic clips

Plastic face clips can be fashioned from plastic off-cuts, these simple clips can save time and simplify on site installations. By inserting the clip into the rear of the base section allowing the sign face stock to overlap the outside of the frame. Clip into the rear fin against the grooves.

Recommended size is
36X36mm (1”3/8”x1”3/8”)


Face positioning mini caps

Small sections of cap can assist when installing long sign faces. They can act as mini clips placed in positions as a temporary holder.

Recommended size is 75mm (3”) long, use off-cut cap. This size fits in your pocket easy.


Face positioning tips “Vertical”

Install the frame on a wall or the like, then remove liner off double sided tape. Place sign face on the tape, working around the sign face take up the wrinkles by pulling the sign face outward to edge of frame.


Installing large frames single handed

When installing large oversize frame make up 75x75x1.6mm (3x3x1/16”) alum plates with holes. Screw to the rear of the frame with counter sunk screws. These plates can be used to rope of to and hoist the frame into position from the roof. When frame is in position, remove cap,fix with suitable fixing and replace cap. Then the escutcheon plates can be snapped off or left.

Use escutcheon to lift sign in to position, remove rope.

Use escutcheon for fixing or snap off.

Hiding your fixings under the cap

The allowance of space inside the section give the opportunity to hide your selected fixings. Remove cap from frame, then install suitable fixing inside cavity. You will notice we have placed a slight groove into the section for ease of alignment of fixings.


Installing large frames

When installing large oversize frame to difficult surfaces try using a suitable right angle alum section fixed to the wall at the desired height. This allows the frame to be “hung” on the now concealed bracket using a suitable fixing.


Fixing tips

When fixing the frame on site use appropriate fixings through pre drilled holes. Fix every 1500mmm (5’) or less for flexible sign faces or every 1200mm (4’) or less for heat tensioned materials.


Security Fixing of Clips-in cap

When installing large clips-in frames you will need to ensure the cap is securely fixed to the base to ensure long term tension of the sign face. On the back of the cap there is a groove in the extrusion by installing a 30mm (13/8") screw through the cap, into the base as shown this locks the cap in position. We recommend this for sites where access may be a problem if maintenance is required.
(USA & Canada)