Sign One has been listening to the Sign Industry once again and we have developed an easy ordering method for all of your standard size sign posting, including areas like.....Way Finding , Hospital signage, Building nameplates both wall and free standing, Directories, Projecting signs, School and College signs, Site maps, Removable panel signs, in fact just about any type of sign ..... Sign One has it for YOU.

What its all about?
Standard size, pre powder coated or anodised posts matching faces with caps to suit.

What sizes are available?
900x600 (3' x 2')
1200x900 (4' x 3')
1200x1200 (4' x 4')
1800x1200 (6' x 4')
2400x1200 (8' x 4')

Please note that the sizes quoted are nominal sizes.

How are they made?
Sign One has aluminium extruded posts which house a unique infill design which is used as the frame and the infill.  When fully assembled the frame slides into the post.  This simple assembly hides all the frame fixings, so your sign has a neat clean look with virtually no visible fixings.

What about Special sizes?
No problem, we have a fax sheet to do a quick sketch and send to us and we will quote. (See distributors page).

Is it fully assembled prior to shipping?
Yes we check all signs before we ship to ensure all components are included.  Some sizes are transported in break down format.

Can custom sizes be supplied?

Is the sign pre finished?

Can I paint the sign a different colour?
Yes.  Our surfaces are supplied white powder coat and are easily re-painted.