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Edition 2

Sign One has appointed Australian Distributor
Gravograph New Hemes Australia Pty Ltd is now the Australian national
distributor of Sign One Sign Posting Systems

Gravograph New Hemes's recent purchase of long establish specialised engraving and sign products supplier Leo Rogaly Lewis introduces an new era in sign in the region by offering the complete range of products supported by the companies worldwide expertise known to but a few industry suppliers.

This knowledge is now available to signmakers as a part of the day to day operations of the companies commitment to International Quality Assurance by its accreditation to IS9002. 

Through their offices around the states you can rest assured the professional team at 'Gravograph' are there to serve to with prompt and efficient attention.
Sign One will now be available for all to use why not contact Ron Black direct on 02 9699 8422 for your information kit, Ron will also provide contact names and phone numbers all over the country don't forget to ask about our new ready made signs in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Their extensive knowledge of wayfinding and sign postings systems includes Spandex sign systems and Integrity directory panel system. Sample displays are available to be viewed in all areas as well as exhibition displays at the Sydney and Melbourne 'Visual Impact' Signs shows.

SIGN ONE is Unbelievable !!!

It's easy to make claims about how good a product is, isn't it, how you can save hours, ease of use, simple training of staff adaptability, performance over time, ability to make your company a profit....it's easy isn't it! Just a whole bunch of words on a piece of paper! .... or is it ?????


Starting with a blank piece of paper, 30 years experience and a strong desire to redesign and redefine existing boundaries with sign posting systems we have created a totally new method of sign posting and we want to find suitable companies to be a part of it ... interested read on.

We want you.
The reason we are telling you this is we are seeking to establish SIGN ONE around the world as the premier sign system for sign makers who choose to have VERSATILITY in their operations. If you have a strong desire to open the doors of opportunity and increase your PROFIT, be a part of this dynamic new product.

Talk to us.
We can detail all aspects of our plans, show you our promotional video, browse through sales and marketing literature and brochures, visit our web site, consult our technical manual and CD ROM and discuss the best methods for your company to prosper from this opportunity, we are eager to show you SIGN ONE.

Searching for Distributors around the world.

A world of sign experience.

The world of sign manufacturing has just become smaller and we can offer packages that will suit your country, region, state or even city. Whether it's importing the finished product, local manufacture under license or perhaps intellectual property rights to your chosen area, we can build together a very desirable, effective and profitablebusiness relationship and partnership into the future.

Profiles to suit the industry.

The profiles available to you are designed to suit a multitude of uses without overloading your warehouse with literally tons of slow moving product that have been added onto, rather than a purpose designed and built system which reuses the individual components within the system many, many times. The 80mm and 100mm sign posts profiles are linked to the common infill and frame. The post caps both security and decorative, allow interchangeability with ease. Internally both 
sign posts boast an almost infinite range of uses to integrate your sign design with your choice of existing background, materials and structures.

Support and experience

Our technical manual, CD ROM and web site combined with 30 years knowledge and working experience in sign manufacture including national positions with the Sign Association of Australia and our founding company's accreditation to ISO 9002 for quality assurance, will ensure your company is backed and supported by experts who know what you need and deserve.

Contact Us

Our aims are well defined, our product is sensational and if your company has the desire to build your returns on investment, increase profits, and be involved in the distribution, sales, and/or the manufacture of SIGN ONE. 
Well now you have a brief overview on what we are about and if this opportunity is of interest to you and your company, and you are in the position to act promptly, have the resources available, then I'd like to suggest that now is the time to act, please contact John Hadfield or register on line on our web site, www.signone.com.au 

Click here to go to the Sign One contact page.

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