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Sign One Newsletter Archive


Edition 1

Welcome - New readers

Sign One recently exhibited at two major trade shows in the US - Sign Business Expo in Orlando and ISA Show in Las Vegas. We were received with great enthusiasm and interest because of it's versatility. Enquiries have come from - a wide range of US states, England, Netherlands, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Canada, Germany, Japan .....to name a few.

So in this edition of " SignPostings" I'd like to welcome all those who are joining our mailing list for the first time and hope you enjoy this and future issues.

SignPostings is produced to provide Sign One users an up date of marketing information and tips about us and customers, so feel free to write, email or fax and let us know what you think.


We came out with both guns blasting at both shows and even as I write we are waist deep in processing the many and varied proposals we received, and are still receiving. So for you future USA users I can't give you an exact time frame when you'll be able to purchase Sign One in the USA however, rest assured as soon as we appoint a suitable company you'll be the first to know via SignPostings" .

WAY FINDING - its so vital!

Way .. " a road or path: to follow in order to reach a place: the distance to be traveled in order to reach a place or point"
Finding .. " to discover, especially by searching: to learn or discover: to obtain by effort"
Sounds simple enough, but what's the reality at your premises?

We have helped visitors, staff, students, employees and the public find their way around ...
Hospitals - Colleges - Schools - Universities - Parklands - Car Parks - Commercial and Industrial Sites - Shopping Centres etc ... From simple to the most complex, we can help solve your way finding needs. Our trained personnel can call out to your site and audit your directional, wayfinding and traffic needs and submit an obligation free quotation.

The signs of Australia have taken on a new level of sophistication with the introduction of Sign One. The clean angular lines of the aluminium signs are indicative of the effort put into their development. The system is more versatile than comparable imported products, has fewer components and has two visible fixings.

The basis of the article above is provided to give the readers and users of Sign One an example of the type of information and instructional we are posting to our clients to promote the services of our parent company Hadfield Sign Co. We have found newsletters to be a very effective medium to promote sign services, it has a natural link to the sign industry and we find it is also beneficial to advertise our website.
Why not have a look at the Hadfield Sign Company website - www.hadfieldsignco.com.au.
For a copy of the newsletters email john@signone.com.au or john@hadfieldsignco.com.au

Signs: stop throwing them away & start recycling them

When buying a sign... ask yourself the question " Did you cut down a tree or have you used a resource that can be recycled?" Sign One components are all recyclable!

As well as it's environmentally friendly recycling features, Sign One allows you to design signs that are friendly to the visual environment.

Signs that are attractive, simple to assemble, vandal-proof and affordable are now being produced using a system developed by an Australian company Sign One Pty Ltd. The system is more versatile than comparable products, and produces signs with fewer components and just two visible fixings.

The basis of Sign One technology is its post  and panel configuration. Parts have been designed to be multi functional with the two principal components having at least 20 roles. The elements of each sign slide into place and security screws lock the system together.
    Vandal-resistant discs hide all fixings so there is less opportunity to tamper with the sign once it is in place. Almost any type of external sign can be constructed using the Sign One approach. The framing section allows customers to use their preferred types of sign panel which can be flush fitted and assembled so that pop rivets, screws and fixings are hidden. Information signs, exterior directories, corporate nameplates, wall mounted signs, double sided panels, suspended ceiling signs and street names among others have used this system.
Join the hundreds of customers who have switched over to SIGN ONE and have gained many benefits both maintenance and financially, why not ring us now and discuss our on-site survey of your sites signage requirements.

Recycling means more than just bottles and cans. It means signs, too.

Y2K - Keeping the bug at bay! 
We've all heard a lot about the Y2K bug and as your sign manufacturing specialists, we realised that we were potentially vulnerable because a lot of our equipment is computer driven. We understood that the Y2K Bug could cause major problems, so we embarked upon becoming Year 2000 prepared.

Everything with a chip, and all software has been checked and upgraded as necessary. As we pass into the new millennium, we at SIGN ONE see a bright future.

If you need help or further information on the Y2K Bug, the Office of Information Technology have a very good brochure. You can contact them on 1800 11 2000. You can also check out the internet at www.y2k.gov.au or www.year2000.com

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