Ask yourself a few simple questions and they will help guide you.


Danger   Caution   Warning   Prohibition   Mandatory  
Traffic   Notice   General   Pipeline   Emergency  
Fire   Special   Symbol   Dangerous Goods  
Other: _____________________________________________


How is it going to be used? _____________________________________

   Size: ______x_______ . Consider distance to be viewed


When do you need it:____________________________________________

Day time   Night time    Both Reflective Non Reflective


Why do you need it: ____________________________________________

Special risk Impaired vision Multi Lingual
Braille Motion Activated Audio Message


Where do you need it: _____________________________________________

Exterior Interior
 Life Span: 6mths  12mths  2yrs  3yrs  5yrs
Rust proof  Harsh sun Water proof Flexible Rigid


How many signs do I need [circle]

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   15   20   25   50  100
  Other: nominate ______


I am going to need it installed to _________________________

Wall Fence Bricks Ground
Freestanding Hanging Projecting Self Adhesive
Fixed Movable Temporary Permanent
Rigid Flexible Fixing Holes Radius Corners


There is usually more to it, ask collegues or others for their thoughts

Plastic Metal Timber Self Adhesive 

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