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DESCRIPTION: 80mm Post and frame step by step guide. See items individually for details on their features.


Step 1 A. Cut frame to required length and mitre corners to 45o
Step 2 B. Notch back horizontal pieces to allow clearance into opening recess (required for sliding into posts, not required when using frame alone)
Step 3 C. Using the Vee groove in the back of the frame as centre, drill hole to align with screw flute and using a metal thread 8 gauge screw assemble sign frame.
Step 4 D. Cut face stock and allow clearance to slide into post and then run a bead of suitable premium glue along recessed fin (see 4409RRR)
Step 5 Carefully place sign face to recessed fin and press down firmly, cleaning off excess glue if required.
Step 6 E. Determine post lengths and cut to size
Step 7 F. Cut the infills to required length, small sections can be cut to provide spacers between sign panels “Hot Tip” If you are concreting posts into the ground, cut a small infill and screw it into a position level with the top of the hole. This will leave the bottom of the post open to allow the concrete to flow into the cavity which enhances the installation and saves infill, whilst also allowing removal of infill for cutting down to allow space when adding signs!
Step 8  Slide your finished sign frame into recess fin of sign post and then slide in infill. Another “Hot Tip” is to again use a small section of infill at the bottom of the post to close off and hold in place assembled items. (for ease of assembly and transport)
Step 9

G. Using your selected cap, either screw flat cap to top of post by utilising screw flute or press in cast aluminium cap into top of post and drill post to suit cap prongs.


Finished assembled Sign One showing flat caps and multipanels, please note clear lines with no gaps. This minimises cobwebs, spiders and insects, keeping your sign clean. Its flat faces provide graphics in your chosen media – vinyl graphics, digital printing, screen printing and engraving to name but a few.

Engineers Specification should be sought to ensure size/suitability of the system by the user, prior to use.

GRAPHICS: Text and graphic techniques we recommend include – pre spaced vinyl computer cut lettering. Premium brands screen printing, engraving and plain infilling, photo etching, laser engraving and digital image printing. (see 4409EEE)

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